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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Life and the mysterious adventures

Wow first of all last night was awsome I could have gone to the star wars episode III movie by my self and see it before all of my friends which would have been awsome but instead I went to house of wax it was really great but the movie was shitty lol. Hopfully i'll get some tickets from some people and i'll go to the midnight showing tonight with all of my friends. Thanks brit for the stuff and going to kmart that one time was awsome lol, you were right though for the most part I was acting. Another think I want to add is that there is only 11 days of actually school left so about three more weeks to go through. I think i'll have to try out for a play sometime I like acting so much. Now for the question of the week: what is your favorite thing to do in the world. I know this is a vague question but I want you to really write a big comment and I want more people to comment!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

get down with the shiznital

hmm.. so i thought since people can comment I thought I would take a poll to see what everyones intrests are so i'll start out with a question that im sure everyone wants to know about BOXERS or BREIFS and all you have to do is comment to answer and for the best answer gets a prize

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

ya woo hoo

So just to let everyone know star wars episode three is comming out next weekend for all of those geeky star wars fans out there. I get to see the movie for free and i get free popcorn and pop and it'll be fun so ya. umm cant wait for summer to get here just a couple more weeks of this hell (jk lol). Im excited for summer because then I get to drive around whenever I want and i get to go to dairy queen and hang out with friends and stuff it will be awsome i know it. For all of those geeky techy kids out there the unveiling for the xbox 360 is coming out tommorrow on the 12 and for all of those people who dont already know what it looks like it is white and other stuff, ya pictures have already been leaked out on the net it looks pretty cool.

Monday, May 09, 2005


I had a fun weekend

Saturday, April 30, 2005

Movie rater

Hey everyone out there "W00t" I had a thought, since I know work at Chateau theaters I get to see alot of movies so I think I will make the best of it by giving reviews on all of the movies that I go to see and tell you wheather there worth watching or not and if there is any questions about i movie I can probably answer that too. I will probably be like ebert and roper now except one thing I'll just call it Dustin... lol wow that was stupid but other then that today I saw a hitch hikers guid to the galaxy and I can say that there were a few comedic parts in the movie I think some one my age would enjoy it even though it is a pg rating. I would say if you like space balls see this movie because in a way they are kind of similar stupid funny comedy. Then I have also seen Amityville Horror if you like being freaked out by random things popping out of nowhere and you liked the first amityville this one is sure not to disapoint you. I liked this movie because it was scary I would say it would be a good dating movie so go out and see it deffinitly worth seeing.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

sweet week

How Long Till Summer
I am very excited for summer to get here because that is when all of the fun starts happening. As of April 28 we have about a month left of school which will probably go by like molasses, but i hope it goes by fast. I know this is prbably not a real new song but I like listening to Papa Roach they are one of my favorite bands it is called scars and the new sytsem of a down video came out b.y.o.b (bring your own bombs) I know this phrase to mean something else though, I though it ment bring your own beer but whatever. This weekend I think I'll go to see Amyityville Horror people have said its a good movie so I will go to see it. Kung fu Hustle also came out a little while ago and that movie is pretty good I recomend it to anyone that likes to watch funny movies. Just to end my blog post with a shout out to all my buds peeps whatever, be cool!